Living and Studying in Australia
Student Support Services

Living and Studying in Australia

Welcome to the most liveable city in Australia and 7th time winner in the world, where education, health care, research and development and entertainment rate highly!

Melbourne, the capital of the State of Victoria recorded a population of 4,485,211, in 2016. This makes Melbourne the second largest populated city in Australia, next to Sydney.

Why choose to study here? Melbourne, Victoria: has an international reputation and globally recognised degrees; offers research-led teaching and in-depth disciplinary knowledge; has technologically advanced learning spaces and internationally renowned teaching staff; educational and professional opportunities for you to pursue either within Australia or internationally.

Melbourne is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city of over four million people who enjoy clean fresh air and beautiful parks and gardens. A city of magnificent architecture, Melbourne prides itself on its spectacular combination of the old and the new. Glorious parks and gardens, elegant streetscapes, and warm ethnic communities combine to make Melbourne one of Australia’s most popular destinations for migrants and tourists.

You can find lots of useful information about living and studying in Australia at The website also includes a useful guide about studying and living in Australia that you can download.

Student Support Services

We are committed to ensuring that you get all the support you need to adjust to life and study in Australia and to be successful in your studies.

During the orientation program, the following are discussed:

  • Details of internal and external support services available to assist in the transition to life and study in Australia. Such services include welfare services, accommodation services, academic and career advice, IT support, and student learning assistance, English language support and social inclusion activities.
  • Legal, emergency and health services.
  • Facilities and resources.
  • Organisational policies and procedures including course progress, attendance monitoring, deferral, suspension and cancellation, course transfer and complaints and appeals.
  • Any student visa conditions relating to course progress and attendance.

The enrolment form you complete will also help us to identify any support you need. Depending upon the course you are enrolling in, support needs can also be discussed during the orientation.

Contact us at any time on (03) 8600 8600 to discuss your support needs.