8 Best Health Care Courses in Australia

Best Health Care Courses in Australia

Learning fundamental healthcare courses and taking appropriate diplomas can lead you toward remarkable professional roles in the healthcare industry. To help you find the best courses, we have enlisted 8 of the best healthcare courses in Australia below. Please read it thoroughly and choose the right course for you now.

Best Health Care Courses

Australia and Health Care Courses:

The Australian government plays a huge role in providing good education to students. The demand for healthcare courses in Australia is increasing daily because the healthcare industry employs millions of people in this field. The healthcare industry of Australia hires highly educated people for their health sector, so it’s best to do healthcare courses to start a career in this field. Australian health care service is one of the finest services in the world, and people with proper qualifications and degrees are enrolling in this field.

According to health condition and prevalence, 2020-2021, over one-third (78.6%) of Australian citizens had one long-term health condition from 2020 to 2021. Particularly half had a minimum chronic condition (46.6% or 11.6 million), Psychological and behavioural status (20.1%), back problems (15.7%), and Arthritis (12.5%) were the most frequent chronic situation.

That’s why the government of Australia promotes people to do healthcare courses and encourages them to step forward and become a part of their healthcare services.

Best Institute for Taking Health Care Courses

Numerous universities and institutions provide various healthcare courses and diplomas options. Still, you have to make the appropriate choice at the right time. The Signet institute is the right choice for students to enroll in the best healthcare courses because they provide proper education and allow you to experience practically and theoretically. Not only this, they have played an essential role in the student’s life by building their careers bright and magnificent.

The core purpose of Signet institute is to brighten students’ careers, so they can face the world’s competition with great confidence. The Signet institute has different campuses in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. You can easily access them. 

Check our 8 best health care diplomas.

Course I: Certificate III in Health Services Assistance:

  • In this course, you will learn descriptive and practical knowledge about health care services and how to assist the health care professional staff in treating patients who are ill or have any injury.
  • By enrolling in this course, you will get training on working in a support role in the healthcare industry.
  • You will establish the essential skill required to work with patients under the guidance and supervision of health professionals.
  • You will get to know how to deal with patients and how to support these professional staff, and how to take care of patients and clients.
  • After completion of this course, you will be able to work as a healthcare assistant.

Click on Certificate III in health services assistance to apply.

Qualification pathways:

When the students complete certificate III in health services assistance, now, they can apply further as:

  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Certification in Medical Practice Assisting
  • Certification in operation theatre technician

Important note:

Signet does not provide all the courses mentioned above and certifications. Still, we only provide a guideline to the students that, after completing the course, where they can enroll further. Check our website to see the eligibility of the offered course.

Career pathways:

After completing the certification, you can start your career as:

  • Work as Nursing Assistant
  • Work as a Patient Care Assistant
  • Work as Patient Support Assistant
  • Work as Ward Assistant
  • Work as Ward Support
  • Work as a Wards person

Course Fee & Duration:

  • $8500
  • Weeks: 40

Certificate III in Pathology Collection:

It is one of the best healthcare courses offered at The Signet.

  • In this certificate III of pathology collection, you will learn the skills to work as a pathology collector.
  • You will learn how to work with specialised equipment and provide services to your patients as a pathology collector.
  • You will train yourself how to carry the responsibility in general supervision.
  • You will learn technical skills and use your judgment skills in different situations.
  • To complete this certification, the aspirant must have completed a maximum of 35 hours of precise work in the Assessment specification of units of competency.

Click on Certificate III in the Pathology collection to apply.

Qualification pathways:

After completing certificate III in pathology collection now, you will further continue with

  • Certification in laboratory skills
  • Certification in laboratory techniques
  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma in emergency health care

Career pathways:

By completing this certification of pathology collector following career pathways are waiting for you:

  • Work as a Pathology collector
  • Work as Pathology Assistant
  • Work as Specimen collection officer
  • Work as Specialist specimen collectors

Course Fee & Duration:

  • $7000
  • Weeks: 39

Certificate III in Dental Laboratory Assisting:

  • By enrolling in this certification program of dental laboratory assisting, you will learn how to work with dentists and dental technicians.
  • You will learn how to maintain and look after dental appliances and equipment.
  • You will learn how to grow your skills and work with the dental laboratory team as a dental laboratory assistant.

Click on Certificate III in the dental laboratory assisting to apply.

Qualification pathways:

When you complete Certification III in Dental Laboratory Assisting, you may apply further in the:

  • Certificate IV in Dental Technology

Career pathways:

You will grow your career as a dental laboratory assistant by doing the following job roles:

  • Work as a Dental lab assistant.
  • Work as a dental technician. 

Course Fee & Duration:

  • $9850
  • Weeks: 52

Certificate III in Dental Assisting:

This can be one more right choice for you among the best healthcare courses.

  • In this dental assisting course, you will learn how to maintain high infection control standards in the dental sector.
  • You will learn how to clean and sterilise dental equipment.
  • By doing this course, you will also learn how to assist with oral health care measures.
  • Gain the skills of how to take care of the health and safety of the workplace.

Click on Certificate III in dental assisting to apply.

Qualification pathways:

When you complete this certificate III of dental assisting, now, you can proceed with your career further in: 

  • Certificate IV in dental assisting.

Career pathways:

A bright and amazing career pathway is waiting for you when you complete this certificate in dental assisting.

  • You can work as a dental assistant.
  • Work as a dental nurse.
  • Work as an assistant and receptionist.

Course Fee & Duration:

  • $9850
  • Weeks: 58

Certificate IV in Dental Assisting:

  • With this certification, you will build a keen knowledge of oral health, and you will be able to educate people and make them aware of their oral health.
  • In this certificate IV of dental assisting, you will learn and explore how to do oral dental x-rays.
  • If you’re on the job, then you have the opportunity that what you learn you will apply straight away under the supervision of a professional.
  • If you’re not currently working, in this course, you will experience dental assisting through lectures, doing different activities, or practising it in practical labs.

Click on Certificate IV in dental assisting to apply.

Employment opportunities:

After completing one of the best healthcare courses, certificate IV in dental assisting, you have developed employability skills. You can apply for jobs according to the field and make yourself competent in this field and demonstrate your employability skills. Now you can work in a position as a dental assistant. 

Course Fee & Duration:

  • $12885
  • Weeks: 24 

Diploma of Dental Technology:

With this diploma, you will learn about the dental health of the patients and how to become responsible for treating them and taking care of their teeth and gums. When you’re doing the diploma in dental technology, you can play the role of a dental technician. You can learn and experience how to repair dental and other orthodontic appliances. Students also practise in dental labs and have gained knowledge about construction techniques of the crown, bridge, partials, dentures, partial dentures, mouth guards, etc.

Click on the diploma of dental technology to apply.

Qualification pathways:

Once you complete one of the best healthcare courses, the diploma in dental technology, you can expand your qualification further by doing a Bachelor in oral health and dental technology.

Career pathways:

The career pathways are very bright when the students have dental technology diplomas. A golden door of opportunities will open in this field now, and you can apply for different job roles.

  • Serves as a dental hygienist.
  • Serve as dental technicians.
  • Serve as dental therapists.

Course Fee & Duration:

  • $32000
  • Weeks: 104

Diploma of Emergency Health Care:

  • This one of the best healthcare courses from The Signet will help you grow in the emergency health care department. 
  • You will learn how to help people who need health care services the most. 
  • This course can teach you how to gain employment in the hospital and as well as out of the hospital. 
  • You can also perform a variety of roles in the health care department, including the transport system and patient health care.

Click on Diploma of emergency health care to apply.

Qualification pathways:

A diploma in emergency health care can enlighten your future, and you can further continue and grow your qualification by doing Bachelor’s in paramedic science

Career pathways:

Once you complete the diploma in health service successfully, now, you may work as:

  • Ambulance Officer.
  • Ambulance Community Officer.
  • Patient Transport Officer.
  • Emergency Medical Technicians, and much more.

Course Fee & Duration:

  • $27500
  • Weeks: 78 

Diploma of Nursing (SUPERSEDED):

The nursing diploma will help you develop skills in a practical learning environment. By pursuing this one of the best healthcare courses, you will learn how to work in hospitals, deal with patients of different ages, and give them the right healthcare. In this whole course, you will learn nursing techniques.

  • How to take care of wounds.
  • How to take care of infection control.
  • How to take care of patients’ chronic conditions.
  • How to take care of medication given by doctors.
  • How to analyse patients’ health information.

Click on Diploma of nursing to apply.

Qualification pathways:

After completing this Diploma of Nursing, you are eligible for admission into the Bachelor of nursing and advanced diploma of nursing if you want to continue your studies in this field.

Career pathways:

There are multi-career pathways after completing this course. You will first work under a registered nurse; after that, once you register yourself with AHPRA and NMBS, you have possible employment opportunities to work in a hospital or any other organisation. As a nurse, you can do the following job.

  • Serve as an Aged Care Nurse.
  • Serve as a Palliative Care Nurse.
  • Serve as a Rehabilitation Nurse.
  • Serve as a Mental Health Nurse.
  • Serve as Acute Care Nurse.

Course Fee & Duration:

  • $32000
  • Weeks: 104 

All the courses mentioned above will be taught on-site/on campus.


In a nutshell, after completing any of those above-mentioned 8 best healthcare courses from Signet institute, you will be able to serve in the medical industry and face the industry’s competency. Every single person suffers from different health issues, and the scope of healthcare courses is evergreen. And if you want to pursue your career in this field, then The Signet Institute welcomes you by giving you great learning opportunities. Enroll yourself now without bringing any second thoughts.