How to start a Building and Construction Career in Australia?

1. Introduction:

Building and construction career in Australia seems very promising as construction accounts for one in ten jobs in Australia. Australia employs millions of people in the field of construction. Not only their citizens but people from all around the globe come to find employment and earn a good amount of money in the building and construction field. Australia open ups many vacancies every year for its students and professionals as its building industry is growing very fast. 

building and construction career in Australia

1.1. Say No to Misconception:

Many people believe in myths or also have some misconceptions in their mind. They think that either construction field is not safe or it’s not a well-paid career, but the fact is totally opposite. We would recommend you to focus on the facts via your own lenses, not from others’.

Here are some facts that will help to clear everyone’s misconception about construction and building career:

  • The construction industry offers bright career opportunities to all people.
  • Offers good pay.
  • Learn to design and modify the infrastructure buildings.
  • Employs millions of people all around the world.
  • The future of a construction career is always bright.
  • Construction career is for both men and women.

Just complete an appropriate certification or diploma and start a career in this field.

2. Building and construction career in Australia: 

There is a huge scope in Australia for a people who are thinking to pursue building and construction career. After qualifying appropriate courses, people get job security, get offered good pay, and their career growth is also increasing rapidly. The population growth is increasing, so the building and construction industry plays a dominating role in the Australian economy. You can find room for your career growth because it is predicted that 29% of the construction workforce will be retired by 2026. By 2031, this number will be worsened as 41% of the ongoing workforce is expected to be retired. Approximately, almost half of the personnel will need to be changed in just over a decade. You should take these facts as good news because it will open up more space for beginners to enter in this industry.

Australia is well known for its largest construction industry. It covers all the major areas and builds roads, buildings, hospitals, and offices. The revenue construction industry generates more than $360 billion every year; that is why you can say that the construction industry is the fuel for the Australian economy because it makes the largest improvement in the Australian economy as a nation.

3. Who can start a career in building and construction? 

No matter what’s going on in your life or at what point. Are you a professional or not? Are you thinking about starting your second career? Then it’s never too late. The construction industry provides multiple career options to individuals to earn their livelihood. Anyone who is willing to start a building and construction career should know the specification of this industry.

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Has a construction management degree or certificate 
  • A person who has good communication skills to lead any project
  • The person who don’t have any disability
  • An individual who has a command to operate machinery and tools
  • Ability to adopt new technology and work with it
  • A person who has a good stamina to stay strong on site
  • A person who is good in English skills and math skills
  • A person who completed his apprenticeship
  • All the civil engineer and architect can start their career in this field

4. Best courses for starting a building and construction career:

The most important thing that kicks starts one’s career in any field is the right choice of relevant courses and degrees. So are you confused at deciding which courses you should take to start your business and construction career? Signet Institute of Australia is the best solution towards your problem. It is one of the best institutes in Australia; providing many benefits to their students. Signet institute spreads a positive learning environment among its students. 

Signet offers multiple courses for helping you out in starting your career in building and construction. It is solely your choice which course you find appropriate according to your interest. If you want to explore all these offered courses with their respective perks and privileges, then start reading 4 Best Construction Management Courses, before proceeding further.

5. Benefits of starting a building and construction career in Australia:

There are numerous benefits if you’re creative and starting your career in the business and construction industry in Australia. 

  • Evergreen field.
  • Handsome salary jobs opportunities.
  • The construction industry’s creativity never makes you feel bore; you are always busy making new designs, planning, or leading any infrastructure project. 
  • If you’re a travel lover, this industry will give you a chance to experience a great adventure means that construction work can happen all around the world. You can travel for your work anywhere, explore multiple options, and gain a new construction skills.
  • The other main and biggest benefit of pursuing a career in the construction industry is that the building and construction industry is the third biggest industry in Australia which is accomplished, profitable and progressive. According to Australian Industry and Skills Committee sources, the construction and building units generate over $360 billion in revenue, and it has an approximate growth rate of 2.4% each year in the coming five years.

5.1. Salary:

Australia is famous for paying good salaries to their construction and building industry employees, but there are different categories. Because in the construction and building field, there are so many people; some are managers, some are daily wage workers, and some are civil engineers, so it depends upon a person’s professional skills and how much skill-full and experienced he is. The salary package depends upon his capabilities, qualification, and experience.

  • The average salary of a construction project manager is $124,087 each year
  • The average salary of a construction superintendent is $143,854 each year
  • The regular salary of a site supervisor is 103,923 each year
  • The average salary of a construction labourer is $64065 each year

5.2. Perks and privileges:

Perks and privileges widely depend upon the pay scale. It depends upon your position in the company in which you are appointed. The biggest perk and privilege is Australian construction industry give their employees a lot of perks and privileges; we can’t ignore the fact that they take good care of their citizens by giving them all possible facilities.

5.2.1. Health insurance and vaccines:

Most of the construction companies provide free health insurance and vaccines to their employees.

5.2.2. Lunch stipend

They provide a lunch allowance to their employees so they can have lunch easily on-site or in the company and take good care of their health.

5.2.3. Fuel allowance:

The other main allowance they give to their employees is fuel allowances so they can easily reach on time for work as the inflation rate is increasing daily, the fuel allowance will help them save their transportation costs.

5.2.4. Paid leaves:

Many constructions and Building industries pay sick leaves to their employees because the healthier the employee is, the healthier their productivity is. 

6. Professional roles in building and construction:

Everyone plays a different role in building and construction projects. Everybody’s responsibilities and duties are different according to their roles, like project manager, engineer, supervisor, labor, and architect. Every individual plays a different professional role in the building and construction industry.

Here are some highlighted roles of professionals in building and construction projects:

6.1. Work as Engineer:

When working as an engineer in the building and construction industry, one provides proper technical solutions and advice to their team in need. A professional engineer may provide detailed engineering services to their organization, give their teammate proper technical advice, and develop coordination with them. On-site do the inspections to see no problem and prepare tender documentation. So the industry will be benefited the fullest with their skills.

6.2. Work as a project manager: 

An individual working as a project manager in a construction project has to deal with unexpected problems or unpredictable circumstances. The project manager is essential for completing any construction project. A project manager may have a bundle of skills to adequately navigate a project and evolve practical connections with the project teammates. It’s a critical task for a project manager to meet the deadline and complete the project on time and within budget. Simply put, a project manager plays a key role in any project’s success.

6.3. Works as architect:

When working as an architect in the building and construction industry, one carries a great responsibility on his shoulders because for starting any new project, we need design. One use his specialized and high skills knowledge and drawing skills to design any building. The design one gives should be safe, viable, functional, and artistically pleasing.

6.4. Work as Supervisor:

The duties of a supervisor in the construction and building industry is very important because they are responsible for the safety of building and construction projects. They plan, organize and lead the project efficiently. They create a safe workplace for everyone by handling the project and material, supervising the team with their skills, and supervising their teammates who work under them.

7. FAQS:

  • What made you start your career in the building and construction world?

There are various reasons to start a building and construction career. Suppose you were looking for career stability. In that case, you can find career stability in the building and construction industry, where you can earn a good amount of money and learn new skills; if you dream of running your own construction company, this could be the exact place for what you are looking for. Building and construction teach you new and modern skills with huge work exposure in different places. The main reason to pursue a building and construction career is that it is not a desk job like 9 to 05 jobs. There is job satisfaction and rapidly increasing career growth every day.

  • How much money do Australian construction and building industry people earn? 

The average salary in the construction industry in Australia that people can earn is $99,931 each year or $51.25 every hour. Starting level position starts at $73.059 yearly, even though most competent workers can make $153,236 annually.

  • What eligibility do you need to start a professional career in building and construction?

The possible qualification pathway that can help you to start or pursue building and construction career is:


  • Is construction a good career in Australia? 

Yes! As a construction worker in Australia will be a very money-making career. The Australian building and construction industry is one of the largest industries. With the right qualification, skills, and experience, you will earn a handsome amount of money, almost $100,000 yearly.

  • How much money does a construction worker make in Australia?

The regular salary in the Australian construction industry is $99,931 each year or $51.25 per hour. Starting-level position’s salaries start at $73,059 each year, although on average, most competent employees can earn up to $153,236 each year.

  • Are construction workers in demand in Australia?

Yes, construction workers are in demand in Australia because the construction industry is the third largest industry to employ employers in Australia. It’s a fast-spreading sector in the way of hiring demand with multiple vacancies for skilled candidates.

  • How do I get into the construction industry in Australia? 

The main and basic thing to get into the construction industry is that you need a proper qualification, or you may have a certification or diploma in the relevant category to easily enter this field, or you have any professional skills to pursue building and construction career in Australia. 

  • What are the 3 main sectors in the construction industry in Australia?

The three main sectors in the construction industry in Australia are:

  • Residential sector
  • Commercial sector
  • Industrial sector

8. Conclusion:

Ultimately, we all should understand our willingness and passion for our career or profession. A person should be passionate about his work or career. The most important thing is the consistency because his consistency can lead him toward his success and open a door of opportunities for him. When starting a building and construction career, you must be capable enough, fully experienced, and qualified as well. These are the basic requirement for pursuing your career.

In the starting, it is tough to make your place in the construction industry, but with hard work and passion, you will make a place for yourself in the construction and building industry. Keep learning about different techniques, tools, and modern technologies, enjoy your learning process, and make yourself an expert in this field. Millions of people started a career in the construction and building industry. These professionals have a proper degree, diploma, or certification, so never hesitate to learn something new and something different. Happy learning ahead!